Monday, September 27, 2010

My First Post!

I wanted to do this since a long time. I used to read and still read blogs randomly and I always had this urge to start writing one day. And finally, I am all ready and set to pen down my thoughts to be shared with everyone! And man...ain't I excited!!

My next few posts would be my own invented recipes as thats my fad lately. Cooking has always been a hobby that will (I really hope!!!) stay with me for long. It has always acted as a stress buster and something that gives me a "quick" sense of achievement and satisfaction. Initially I would follow recipes of my mother, granny and the likes. But now, I am experimenting with my skills, and so far have been successful in them. So friends, do watch out for my recipes. I am sure they will tingle your taste buds :)


  1. Go Reva Go!! Random likes n dislikes thats so much like me too :)

  2. hey Reva, looking forward to read about your creative instincts! Keep it rolling :)

  3. @Sheetal and @Minu - Thanks for the encouragement girls..Please do keep coming to this page. I promise you good stuff!