Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Card Making - My new found hobby!

Hello everyone! Since a few days I was trying to get into card making. And its been very interesting. After a few not-so-good attempts, this is something I thought is worth sharing. But I am sure I can do much better.

All the supplies used in here were bought from Michael's Art and Craft except quilling paper. I got the quilling beginner kit from 'Blick Arts and Materials'.

I have always liked to put a personal touch to any gift I have given to anyone. And I love to explore new ideas in handmade crafts. Its lovely to know when someone appreciates the effort you put in making a person happy! If anyone of you have craft blogs, please share your link in the comments and I will be happy to follow you. I have shared a few on the side-bar of my blog. I like Manasa's and Eden's crafts. They are both so creative.

I will be putting up my card in a few challenges. Crossing my fingers! :)


  1. Thanks @rohan and @ Roopa.. Keep visiting :)

  2. lovely and looks pretty.Good Luck in the challenge

  3. Really adorable card!

  4. Very cute card with the riot of colors on it!

  5. ur cup cake has turned out so well ,love the colors u have used.

  6. Very colourful and pretty! your scrolls look perfect.

  7. Hi...its a beautiful card :) I love the corrugated cupcake base :)
    Thanks for appreciating my work :)...hope to see your work more :)

  8. Very lovely quilled card. Card making for a loved one is so rewarding I agree. Would like to see more from you.
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V
    ENT Surgeon and Avid Crafter