Thursday, October 7, 2010

Twinkle :)

I want all of you to meet my new friend - Twinkle!

One day, I was cleaning my patio area on a bright sunny day enjoying the tender heat. I must say, California summer is so beautiful. One look at the bright blue sky makes you feel fresh and motivated. Anyways as I was cleaning, I saw her in my backyard happily going up and down the trees, running in the grass in search of tit bits she could enjoy.  I don't know,  what struck me, I went into the kitchen and got some pistachios (those were the only nuts I had) and called out to her 'tch tch tch tch'. Her ears perked up and she came running towards me. Now, those who know me well will agree to this. I am scared of the tiniest of animal on earth. Even the cutest puppy for that matter. I threw the pistachios in her direction and immediately got inside the house watching her through the glass door. She happily took one in her hand, broke open the shell and started nibbling at the nut. I gave her some more and she happily ate all. That day, I gave her a name -'Twinkle' as she has very twinkling eyes. Here is her pic!

Generally if you observe, squirrels are very timid. It is so timid, that it won't even eat if you are watching. It will turn its face and eat or run the moment you try to go near. But Twinkle is a dare devil in her own kind. She will scratch at the door if she wants more food. Now, she even recognizes the home, and would come running(or rather hopping) if she sees me or Pathik in the patio. She likes bread, apple, banana but her favourite is pistachio. Reminds me of the squirrel in Ice Age- one of my favourite animated character :).

Its raining since 2-3 days and didn't see her in the backyard. I hope she comes soon. It would be fun making her fat :D.


  1. so cute...very cute and funny blog...even shreya wants to feed her nuts ...

  2. that's cute :) in general I've observed that squirrels in US are much more daring than those in India!

  3. @Minu - that's true..However this one is very naughty. A few days ago, there were 3-4 of them in the backyard. And she wouldn't let anyone come close. Very greedy!!