Monday, October 11, 2010

kachori - learn from my mistake!

Last week it had been raining almost everyday in Los Angeles and the weather was simply awesome. That reminded me,  I hadn't put up my frying pan to use since a long time. The weather was just right to get it out and make something mouth watering to go with a cup of masala chai.

The recipe  that I am going to share with you all is a gujarati style kachori. It is not the kind you get in the market or the chat homes. As usual I followed Mr. Vah chef. Here is the recipe. In the video, the chef has used some different beans called 'lilva' in gujarati for the filling which I am not aware about. (and my Gujju Husband didn't know either :-)).  I used tender green chana instead. You can use whole moong daal, green peas or any other kind of green lentils for that matter. And rest I followed the chef exactly. However, everything usually doesn't  go right the first time I make it.

Here is the pic of the perfect kachoris. Nothing went wrong with these. It tasted perfect too.

Now, I don't exactly know what went wrong with these as you can see below. 
Ain't they look funny? Like upside down mushrooms. I don't know what went wrong with these exactly. I presume, I put less oil in the frying pan and my bigger sized kachoris weren't fully immersed in it. Hence, the air captured inside rose like a bubble, because of which I couldn't even turn them in the pan once cooked at one side. Because of the air bubble, It would topple back to the same side again. If anyone of you knows the reason for this blooper, do let me know. I would really appreciate it.

Now, I would certainly not throw them away. Working in an IT company has taught me some brilliant ways of hiding your mistake. Its always better to package them in attractive wrapping :). And that is what I did. I removed the top uncooked part. Topped the kachori with finely chopped onion, green chatni, tamarind chatni, a little sweetened yogurt and chat masala. Here is the pic-

And here is my mini kachori chat! Perfect in taste. Infact my husband loved it more than the plain ones. Made me make more of it with the other kachoris. What more could I ask for!

Honestly, I never ever imagined I would make these kind of dishes which I always thought would be too complicated to make and I could never get them right. But, trust me its not that difficult at all. And I made mistakes too. But, that is how we learn, isn't it?


  1. Upside down Mushrooms!! hEHEHEHEHE... Yaaar... Khochu... U r my guruji man... I have recently started experimenting in the kitchen( MAJBOORI) , n discovered m not bad at all!!! :D
    Someday we'll have a potluck dinner with u n me being the chefs... ;)

  2. yummmm...i love kachodis...n they look awesome!!!!

  3. @Toni - Share the fudge recipe toni! I want to try it. When I come to India, we will surely have some great fun!

    @ Trips - nothing beats the kachori you got from agra. Try those kinds and share the recipe..Plzz