Sunday, October 17, 2010

Onion Chilly Cheese Sandwiches

I think I should change the name of my blog. Its only recipes that I keep sharing with you all. But you never know when I get bored of it and turn to something else and start writing about it. For now, I will stick to same name. I have been a foodie since I was a kid. Good food really cheers me up. My father-in-law teases me "Revati ke har dard ki ek dawa - accha khana" :) :) I have been lucky with people around me too. Everyone has been a foodie like me or I have turned them into one :).

Ok, enough of my love for food. Lets get back to the main subject of this post - Onion chilly cheese sandwiches. This is a very simple recipe and obviously tasty too. Anyone can make it, even someone who has never even tried cooking. I made this one when I was making  the regular tom n cheese sandwiches but was short of tomatoes. I substituted it with onion and capsicum. And it turned out awesome.So, here is the recipe.

Finely chopped onionFinely chopped green bell pepper (Capsicum)
American cheese slice or any cheese slice of your preference
White or brown bread
Black Pepper Powder

Method: Very Simple! Finely chop capsicum and onion. Mix them together. Take a slice of bread, spread the onion and capsicum evenly, sprinkle some salt and pepper, add a cheese slice and close the sandwich with another slice of bread. Grease the pan with little butter and toast the sandwiches on both sides. While toasting, press the sandwich with a flat spatula so that the cheese melts and the breads bind well.And the sandwich is ready!  If you have the sandwich maker, it makes it all the more easy!  Eat it with tomato ketchup...Yummmy! Here are a few pictures for clear idea-


These sandwiches are so simple to make and are ready within 10 minutes. This recipe post is for  all my friends, who do not like elaborate cooking. Do try it and let me know.  Makes an excellent breakfast or brunch on a lazy Saturday noon with a cup of coffee! Enjoy!


  1. Chitrali is trying this recipe on me !!

    Lets see how it turns out !!

  2. @Soham Jiju - DO let me know how it turns out? :)