Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long long time!

I know I have been away and its not good for a beginner blogger like me. My bad! Honestly, after just 3-4 posts I thought no one is even reading it, why bother! But when I went to India for two months, I met a very old childhood friend and she said, "why aren't you posting any recipes, I like to read your blog". And that one acknowledgement lifted up my spirits. So I thought to myself, once I am off vacation I will start writing again. So you are one reason Minu that I am motivated to write again.

I just finished watching the movie Julia & Julia. To those who haven't seen it, is about a blogger Julie who aspires to be a writer and who really adores a passionate cookery book author Julia. So her project is to write a blog on her project of following every recipe in the former's cook book (around 524 recipes) and complete it in 365 days. The movie is about  the simile between the cook book author who achieved her goals and about the blogger who follows her and achieves hers too.And its a real story. Worth a watch - especially for Meryl Streep. She is adorable. not that I am going to start writing about movies that I liked watching. Its the second reason that has motivated me to start writing again :)

But I am still thinking what exactly it is that I can really follow passionately. I have lot of ideas in mind. I don't really think I can stick to one thing.So I hope to take up smaller projects first and to share the joy of achieving them. And yes, cooking some really complicated recipes would be a part of it too. Just to give you all a hint :)


  1. i loved it a lot...:)
    i am fida on your writing :)

  2. Well, when I started my blog in 2007, I had the same ditto feeling tht no one is reading my blog .. But eventually it grew and then I came to know that even though I dont get many comments but I do have silent readers of my blog ..

    Install google analytics and Page Hit Counter and you will know that your blog reaches to quite a many ppl ..

    Even though I hv not written a single post i last 4 months, I have not died down .. You too have motivated me to write atleast one post per month..

  3. Nice one! I had seen a some parts of this movie,its kind of i stopped watching...but after reading ur view wll try watchin it again.

  4. @Padmaja - thanks dear :)
    @Soham Jiju - I was one of the silent readers :P, and still will continue if you keep posting. I will get the google analytics installed.
    @Tai - Yes its surely slow, but I still liked it :)

  5. Great to see your posting :)
    It's a pleasure to know that I motivated you in some way..keep your blogs pouring..
    I like both the leading ladies in Julie &'s a good watch!
    Looking forward to your complicated recipes!