Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prologue - Needle and Threads

As promised, I am back with a new and fresh project in hand, a new hobby which I plan to stick on to - long as I can :). It is hand embroidery.Now are you wondering where did that come from..Well, keep reading!

Embroidery is something that I always wanted to take up since a young age - may be when I was 8 -9 years old. I used to see my mom filling up bedsheets with these beautiful intricate designs which would splash up with colors and come to life once she would complete it. I would nudge her to let me do some part of it, and she would let me do just a small leaf, a flower petal or may be just a swirl, coz my work wasn't that neat and she wouldn't let my untidy work show up in her art piece.  Then as we grew up, she got busy with us and with that the needles and threads just disappeared out of her life. And thus, out of my life too.

When I got married last year,  My Grandma-in-law (My mother-in-law's mother), Nani as we fondly call her, gifted us a beautiful bedsheet set fully hand embroidered by her as a wedding gift. And what a master piece of art it is. It is the most wonderful gift I ever received. The bed sheet is lemon yellow in color filled with a beautiful mesh of pink embroidered flowers and green swirls. It is a hell of a design covering the entire 7'X8' of yarn and she did it all by herself in just a month. Can you believe that? I mean it is a lot of hard work and seriously lots of patience. Its her unbeatable passion for it. You give her a piece of cloth and she would start off with her needle and threads and make it a piece of art. My Mom-in-law has a huge collection of bedsheets, pillow covers, sarees, frames all beautified by Nani with her skillful hand. When I go back to India this december, I will take pictures of all that beautiful work and share it with you, for sure!

And looking at all that wonderful work, it got registered somewhere in my brain, ok I got to do this. I really got to do this. So this time, before coming back to US, I randomly picked up a few threads and a pack of needles. And now the time has come to put it to some good use. I have already started with something which I will share with you all in the next post. And I have to make a promise to myself, I will complete it!


  1. hey Reva, I remember Aunty also used to make stuffed toys! The cutie white cat was my favorite!!!

  2. in 7th std. u made one in the stiching class and also got it framed.. :)
    the one on a white bedsheet with red roses.

  3. @Minu - Ooohh ya I remember those! and tanu had the best time playing with them! How cute you remember all that :)

    @Mr.Solitude's Tales- Did I?Well, seriously i dont remember doing this..blame it to my bad memory. Thanks for reminding me :) ..You seem to be a friend :) Introduction please!!

  4. @Minu and Reva-i remeber the monkey too...i wish we could have taken there pictures....

  5. Foremost congr8s for ur blogging . .