Sunday, February 27, 2011

Corn Cheese Chilly Toast

I know..I know..I was supposed to post a complicated recipe. But I just couldn't help myself from posting this one. Very easy and ready to eat in ten minutes. Perfect for breakfast with a glass of cold coffee!

To make 4 toasts, all you need is:

  1/2 cup of yellow corn kernels
  4 Slices of bread, brown or white as per preference
  Chilly flakes
  Salt to taste
  4 Cheese Slices.


While you are getting the stuff ready, start preheating the oven at 450 degrees F. Now, simply arrange the 4 slices in a plate, cover it with corn, sprinkle a little chilly flakes and salt as per taste. Top it with the cheese slice. Done! Put them in the oven for 5-6 minutes to bake. Once you see the cheese melting at the top, change the oven settings to broil for a minute or two. Its better to broil for one-two minutes as only baking it will burn the toast from the bottom. Voila!  Your corn cheese chilly toasts are ready. You may use finely chopped green peppers and cilantro for a different flavor instead of chilly flakes.  Even french bread would be a good option.  It reminds me of the corn cheese chilly toasts we get in Smokin' Joes in India. Yumm! Do try it and let me know your opinion. :)


  1. nice..!!! this is a great and quick and ready to make recipe that can banish hunger pangs and the ingredients are also readily available at home..!!! thank you tai..!!!

  2. thanks Padmaja! Do try it and let me know!