Sunday, February 27, 2011

Needles and Threads - Project Complete!

Well..Well..Well.. After a good amount of hard work, a little patience and 2 seasons of 'Grey's Anatomy', my first project is complete. Following is the pic.

 The entire embroidery is done in the stem stitch. I guess its the next easiest stitch after the 'running stitch'. Now, I learnt this stitch when I was a kid, but you can always find them online. It's quite easy. First, I tried the  'Long and short' stitch to fill up the flower buds, but I couldn't do a good job with it. So I switched to simpler stem stitch. As the fabric was very thick, I had to use all 6 threads together to make it visible. Here is the picture of the cushion on the sofa chair -

So here is my first project complete and I am so happy. Now its time to take up something new! I will continue with embroidery but not right away. I would like to have a few suggestions from you all. Put on your thinking caps and I will put on mine too :). It will be great to know your suggestions and if something excites me,  I will surely take it up. Now its time to remain awake all the night as its India-England match coming up soon. Go India Go!!


  1. aiyyoooo !!! that's super brilliant.....u go girl. that's an amazing piece of art done by someone I know....kudos \m/

  2. Achu said...
    Revaaa..its veryy good..completely agree with Rakesh..:)
    let more keep coming..i wish i too had d time to do all this..:(

  3. @Achala - thanks dear! You gotta find time. I know with the busy schedule it musn't be possible.

    @rakesh - thanks! Good to see you commenting on my posts!Let them pouring in :) Motivates me to write more!

  4. Looks awesome completed it really quickly!
    I remember we used to have one period/week dedicated to arts and crafts in school..I used to procrastinate till the end to finish up my piece :P

  5. @Minu - You know what! I wanted to put it up on the blog, that's why I really worked a little quicker on it :P. In school, even I didn't like craft that much. They never made it very interesting I guess!