Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hearts and Ribbons

I think I am getting the hang of card making now. And I am loving my creations. Here is one of the cards that I made and quite pleased with it.
With love card
How I made this card? Here it is:
-The heart shapes are hand-drawn and thats why not very neat but still I am happy with them.
- The small pink hearts are quilled with 1/8th inch quilling paper.
-For the polka dots, I simply used an office hole puncher.
-I used double-sided tape for the pop-up effect on the hearts.
-The caption 'With Love'  is printed on avery labels.

I am still learning how to tie a neat ribbon bow. Will have to search for a tutorial for that.

Card making is so much fun. There is so much of creativity floating on the internet that you get addicted to it. I surely am :).

My card goes to the following challenges:


  1. Nice simple design, will be great to use in one of my quilled ones!

  2. very nice.. Simple and sweet....I too am unable to tie a neat bow.. still learning...:D.. the simplest of tasks seem to difficult at times when we want a desired affect.. very good work..!!

  3. Simply awesome!!!! I loved the card and such a sober combination!!! Y dont u styart a small craft store at home??

  4. Thank you all!
    @Shveta - thanks dear!thats a cool idea :) I will surely come up with something.

  5. Very cute card! LOVE the quilling touch! :)

  6. This is so pretty :). Lovely color combination.

  7. cute little hearts.... congratulations on ur award from Romina... I won too... So found ya...

  8. loving the quilling! The hearts look great :)