Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring again!

I guess the spring season is reflecting in my work. Today I made a quilled card which I was so eager to share to with you all. Its almost 1 am in the night but I couldn't wait till morning to share this. Here it is!

The colors never come up as good in the picture as in reality. The twirls are actually in silver tone and not grey as it is seen in the picture. I think I need to buy a SLR to click better images of my projects..or may be its just my dumb photography. Anyways...To me, nothing looks as pretty as a quilled flower on a card. I just love quilling. It requires a lot of patience and hard work but its all worth it in the end. Here is the complete card.

I am quite happy with the stamped sentiment too. You know what, I made the entire card first, and then did the stamping, Now I am just a beginner in stamper and believe me it requires a little amount of skill. Especially with the wooden stamps, in which you cannot see the bottom of where you are stamping exactly. A little here and there, and your card is ruined. I literally prayed for a second before stamping this one ..:-D..And it worked huh !! :)..The screen seems to be blurring on me now..or is it my yawning thats got tears in my eyes!! I should be off to sleep :)..Have a great tomorrow!!


  1. This is very neat work reva..beautiful...

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  3. Happened to jump over to ur blog and absolutely glad to find it!!! loved ur wrk and following u now.... do hop to my blog.... am also running a candy :)