Monday, April 18, 2011

Damask Patterned Card

I never really thought I would enjoy card making so much. Here is another card I made this weekend following the layout on clean and simple blog.

I have tried to make damask patterned paper here with a stamp that I got from Michaels. Lately, I am quite attracted towards damask patterns and I keep looking for them everywhere. The pattern gives a classy feel to anything it is used on. Be it fabrics, wall-papers, furniture, books and the list goes on.  I especially like it in the grandpa kind of armchairs. 

I wish I have a big house someday where I can have my own library.  I would place a big damask armchair there. What a bliss it would be to enjoy reading a book sitting on it with a cup of hot coffee. .. Okay...eyes opened...whooosh goes the dream!! :) Time to get back to work. Hope you all had a good weekend and yes.. happy crafting!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Digistamp made by me!

Yes...Yes..Yes...I wanted to do my own digistamps since a long time and finally I could. Thanks to my husband who helps me in every way possible to let me achieve what I really want. :).

Since childhood, I used to doodle a lot. Any scrap of paper or clean white boards I came across, I would doodle something on it. The first and the last page of my notebooks would usually be filled with flowers, stars, and of course my signature (As if I was practicing to autograph someday :P).When I was working in India, we had this personal white boards, and everyday I would draw anything random on it, just to take a break from the mundane routine. Thus, doodling and drawing has been a part of my life. And now that i am into crafting so much, I thought to myself why not do it digitally.

Here is my first digistamp - 'The fly and the caterpillar' that I would like to share with you all.  To all my friends who are into crafty stuff like me, I am giving it out as a freebie. Click on the image for the PNG and JPEG format. Do let me know if you like it and use it in your project. I would be very glad to see your enhancements to it.

fly,caterpillar,digistamp,free digistamp,digital stamp

fly,caterpillar,bug,free digistamp,freebie

Friday, April 15, 2011

Punched flowers

I have been so busy since last few days. But it has been a good week! Since I am involved in a job where we need to send shipments to clients, I had made a lot of thank you mini cards to send along with them. I hope it brings a smile on their face when they receive it. :)

Here is the card I made yesterday with punched flowers. The layout is inspired from Clean and simple blog. They have super layouts laid out for beginner card-makers like me.  There was this good 40% off sale going on in Michaels for paper trimmers. And I bought the fiskars paper trimmer. Its such an awesome tool. Totally worth the deal :) I want to buy scrapbook floss and paper piercing tool and the stores never have it. Hope to find them soon!

Challenges: Moving with the times,Pals Paper Arts

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring again!

I guess the spring season is reflecting in my work. Today I made a quilled card which I was so eager to share to with you all. Its almost 1 am in the night but I couldn't wait till morning to share this. Here it is!

The colors never come up as good in the picture as in reality. The twirls are actually in silver tone and not grey as it is seen in the picture. I think I need to buy a SLR to click better images of my projects..or may be its just my dumb photography. Anyways...To me, nothing looks as pretty as a quilled flower on a card. I just love quilling. It requires a lot of patience and hard work but its all worth it in the end. Here is the complete card.

I am quite happy with the stamped sentiment too. You know what, I made the entire card first, and then did the stamping, Now I am just a beginner in stamper and believe me it requires a little amount of skill. Especially with the wooden stamps, in which you cannot see the bottom of where you are stamping exactly. A little here and there, and your card is ruined. I literally prayed for a second before stamping this one ..:-D..And it worked huh !! :)..The screen seems to be blurring on me now..or is it my yawning thats got tears in my eyes!! I should be off to sleep :)..Have a great tomorrow!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Stamping and quilling !!

Here's my first card where I have tried to create a pattern on the paper using clear stamps.

Sorry for the poor image. I always blog in the night and click images then. So, do you like the pattern in the card? I could have done a better job but still, its cute..isn't it?

The ribbon is from India. I just love the color of it! Thanks to my lil sis :). The sentiment is handwritten with the 3D liner. I had quilled the flower long ago. Finally, I used it.  I am quite happy with this card. Do let me know what you think too !!