Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My first art exhibition

I am writing after a long sabbatical. The post I am writing today was supposed to be posted a long long time ago. Never the less, I am writing it today.

Last season, ie. in October, I joined an art class which is an Adult education class sponsored by the LAUSD. Its a small class that is conducted very near to my home in Los Angeles with a very minimal fee. It is a studio class for painting in different mediums - oil, watercolor and acrylic. It is not a strict serious art class but I would say a readymade studio with an instructor who lets you do what you wish to do during class hours. We have an interesting lot of students coming in there. The class consists of not more than 20 students out of which 90% are retired and at the last innings of life. The enthusiasm with which they are involved in the class is so encouraging. I just love it. And truly, most of them are real good artists. As a matter of fact, I am the only amateur in the class still struggling with mixing the right colors.

I started with Oil painting in this class and I still continue to do so. Just before Winter break, the instructor (Ms.Sybil Gonzales) organized an art exhibition to in the basements of one of the tower buildings in the community encourage her students . And truly, with hardly any investment, she managed to put up a wonderful show. It had all the ingredients of a professional art exhibit. Some students had even put their paintings on sale. We had wine, crackers and cheese and a small silent auction too. She was also very happy to display my quilled cards at the exhibition. Let me share a few pictures from the exhibition with you all.

The lady in black is the instructor - Sybil Gonzales

People at the art exhibit

Beautiful Still life by one of the students

Joseph's Picasso kind  paintings

Few more water color paintings

Beautiful collage and paintings by a friend

My first amateur art work at the exhibit :)

My quilled greeting cards which the instructor called - one of a kind :)

We would have another Art exhibit coming up at the end of the summer season which I am pretty excited about. This time I would have at least 3 paintings at the display and hopefully some cards too. 
 And this time, I hopefully will be on time to blog about it!