Friday, June 10, 2011

Navy Blue and White Thank you card

I have been soo busy... Its more than a month that I have done any craft...And I sure missed it...
Sneaked out a little time and made this.. I have also observed, I cannot force myself to do something creative. The creative juices got to flow :)

Here is a card I made yesterday.

Its a 4"x5" card. The layout is a self thought.  I wanted to do a navy and white card since a long time and finally I made one. The sentiment is hand written. Spare me for the poor photo quality. I need some photography lessons for sure :)

Another news!  A very good friend of mine who is a very good artist cum writer cum photographer cum guitarist and the list goes on has started blogging. Here is the link. Vinu's sketches and photographs are spectacular and I am happy, after a lot of urging, he has started writing. Do care to visit his blog.

Till my next card, a very happy weekend to all. Enjoy!