Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday season cards!

Hi People,

I have not 1, but 2 cards to share in this blog post. They were all made for the holiday season.
Being a quilling enthusiast, I usually like to incorporate  small quilled trinkets in my cards. However, I would always shy away from making the most beautiful of all - the quilled snowflakes. I used to see so many quilling geniuses making these beautiful intricate snowflakes and I wished if I could achieve the same perfection. So here are my quilled snowflake cards following the tutorials from Ann Martin's blog. I am avid follower of her blog and I guess most of you must be following her too. She is simply awesome :)

Here are the pics:

Snowflake card

Snowflake in two colors

I wouldn't say these are my best quilled snowflakes. I am sure I can better this. Its not perfectly symmetrical. But never the less, I am happy with the outcome.

Hey people, have you noticed the textured paper?  You guessed it right! I got CUTTLEBUG...Yipppiee!! I got it as a gift on thanksgiving from my gem of a husband. I am sure most of my fellow crafters already own one, but the sheer joy of receiving your first is awesome. Isn't it? When my mailman got the parcel, I was jumping with joy.. (Well, not literally..but I am sure my heart did take a leap of joy !!)

Many more cards to follow and I have to tell you about the art exhibition in our community. I had my cards displayed there and...well well well..I will save it all for the next post. Till then..Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lil Birdie Card

As I promised in my previous blog, I am back to share my second card with all of you.

Here it is:

 This is my Little birdie Birthday card! I had these plastic funky eye stickies in my stash since a long time. I received them in my first quilling set. Almost after 1 and half years, i thought of using them and I am pretty happy with the result. It really looks like the birdie is staring at you with eyes wide open :). I even quilled a fish similarly but I have still  not used it on a card. Need a fishy sentiment to go with it. Put it in comments if you think of a fishy line for an occasion and I will use it to make my fishy card!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Quilled Santa Claus Card

Hi People!

I am so glad I finally took out some time to write a blog post. Its almost after two months but believe me, I keep checking out your blogs and its fun to see all your lovely creations.

In the community where I live, we are having a small ART exhibition this weekend. I made quite a few cards for this exhibition and I am excited to share all of them with you. But it would come one by one.

Here is a quilled Santa Claus card I made as it is the Christmas  season.

Isn't he cute?? :)..I wish I could make a better beard for him though :) Sentiment is hand-written. Rest is usual. Let me know what you guys think of my Santa!